About Us

Chris Flowers. Ron Keller. Ryan Lobo.

Together, more than 50 years of experience in preparing and serving food and beverages across the United States. From New Orleans to Manhattan, Las Vegas to Tampa, Boca Raton to Myrtle Beach. From beers and shots to artisanal cocktails, meat and potatoes to sushi and sashimi. From BBQs to weddings, street fairs to 5-star affairs.

Passion and curiousity has guided each of our paths, both professionally and personally. Seeking the new, the different, the tasty! Searching not simply for things to eat and drink but, rather, for those culinary delights that make all 5 senses dance! And now we bring all those experiences, those tastes, and sounds, and aromas, together and offer them to you.

Chris Flowers –

A son of Reading, Chris may be well traveled from sea to shining sea and beyond but he has never forgotten where he came from. A thirst for knowledge and adventure led him to the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts in Pittsburgh, where the foundation was laid for what would become a wealth of culinary knowledge. From there, his wings would spread and carry him to WVU, New Orleans, Virginia Beach, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, and Tampa. Along the way working in kitchens and behind bars, franchises and local watering holes, honing his skills with food as well as drink and giving birth to his interest in local and ethnic specialties.

Chris has returned home with his lovely wife, Kate, and brought his passion for unique flavors fueling his love for cuisines like Creole, Cajun, and Asian and he is excited to share these with you.

Ron Keller –

Born and raised in Reading, PA, Ron was surrounded by good cooks and good food from the start. His Italian and German heritages encouraged no frills, rich, freshly made food and promoted the importance of being a welcoming host. After spending his formative years at the apron of his parents and grandparents, Ron began his culinary career, working in several well known local establishments before leaving the area. After time spent in Boca Raton, FL, simultanteously working in multiple restaurants as sous chef and line cook as well as gaining experience in catering and event services, he returned to Reading where he would ultimately work his way into management. Before long, Ron would find himself on the move again, this time in New Orleans, LA, where he would earn his bones behind the bar, mixing and managing in several French Quarter watering holes.

Ron, once again, is proud to call Reading home. Though he no longer spends his work days over a stove or manning taps, he’s happy to provide his services through Prepare and still gets excited over every new event.

Ryan Lobo –

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